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World at Arms Hack Unlimited Stars and Coins for Android

World at Arms


World at Arms Hack for unlimited coins and gold stars

War game has its own enthusiasts and followers, and when it comes to strategic war games you will always get addicted to such games. World at Arms is one such popular modern war game that need strategy and skills to overcome every level. The game platform provides the gamer with battle across all places, sea, ground, globe, air and many more terrains. The game is being powered by all new bonus and features that helps the user. The World at Arms Hack makes it far simple for players to get all points of gold stars that too unlimited.

The game can be played in multiplayer mode providing the game a new dimension. The game is completely strategy based and the user needs to find new ways to devise a plan to successfully challenge rivals. As a part of the game it is also important to steal sufficient recourses from the rival party and thereby you can emerge as the best player. The game has features and special acts that can be found once you use the World at Arms Hack. The game is powered by tremendous graphics, superb animation, all realistic building and units. This are all provided to make sure that every gamer gets perfect gaming experience.


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gold Stars
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free from viruses
  • Works on all Android devices with or without ROOT




World at Arms hack proof


  1. Download World at Arms Hack tool and open it.
  2. Choose connection type which you prefer (bluetooth or USB).
  3. Detect your device with “Detect” button.
  4. Type amount of resources that you need.
  5. Press “Get it!” button.
  6. That’s it! The process should take about one minute.
  7. Restart game – requested resources should have been added.


The World at Arms Hack has been tested and it was found working, helping the user with all benefits to get unlimited gold cash and other resources. Using the points you can create buildings, upgrade, construct all new facilities and will efficiently help you to achieve numerous other aspects. Bonuses are always of great help and that can only be available once you play the game regularly, another easy way to get that is to download World at Arms Hack. The hack has been specially developed which has no threat to your gadget and works amazingly.

World at Arms provides the user with all new gaming experience that is being powered with various terrains, innovative battle ground, new ideas and resources to help win every mission and many more. Unless the user start playing, it is impossible to understand the impact it has created. There is however some tools which can be easily downloaded and that can be used to access all facilities easily. Using such cheats you can create your own super unit and help defeating your rivals, in other world use it as a game changer card to help you complete every mission.


Updated and working as of:

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017

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Destiny 2 – Release Date, Rumors and more

Destiny 2 – Release Date, Rumors and more

Bungie, the American video game developers has more information about Destiny 2, the FPS / MMO title to be released on September 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and, recently, on PC.  However, Luke Smith, the studio’s representative, said the PC version would only be released after the console version appeared.

News are not all bad. The PC version will have a maximum fps of 144 and a 4K resolution, while the consoles will run at just 30fps, including the PS4 Pro, although the graphics level here will be higher. As for the required PC system, Bungie says the game will not require a monster to run at 1080/60.

From a point of view, there is not much in common between the two games developed by Bungie. The whole arsenal will be replaced because the old equipment was destroyed by the Cabal military. In addition to details about the game’s story, some of the supernatural weapons and abilities that you will be able to exploit to achieve in-game goals are also revealed in the video above.

The biggest difference between Destiny and Destiny 2 is the environment in which the action will take place. While the first game involves a multi-planetary experience, the purpose of the new campaign is to recover the last city on earth from the claws of an alien force. Equally relevant will be the defense of a character called Traveler, meant to protect our planet in the distant future. If you’re looking forward to the launch of Destiny 2, it’s worth taking into consideration that the game will be in the hands of fans on September 8th. For the first time, it will also be available on PC, not just on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

destiny 2

Destiny 2 Details

Developer(s) Bungie
Publisher(s) Activision
Director(s) Luke Smith
Composer(s) Michael C. Salvatori
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
Release PlayStation 4, Xbox One

  • WW: September 8, 2017

Microsoft Windows

  • WW: TBA
Genre(s) Action role-playing
Mode(s) Multiplayer

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FIFA 18 News – Release Date, Rumors

FIFA 18 News – Release Date, Rumors

EA Sports has chosen a new image of the FIFA 18 game. According to the website, all the details and novelties that will come on the FIFA 2018 market are not yet established, but the cover-star will certainly be the midfielder of the Manchester United, Paul Pogba. In 2017, the cover-star was another midfielder, the German Marco Reus, the current Borussia Dortmund player.

FIFA 18 is already in production, many of us are already thinking about this game, although FIFA 17 offers just about everything we want from a European Football Simulator. In this article you will find the release date of the new FIFA 18, news and other rumors.

The new game from EA Sports could be one of the best-selling games since 2017. Always the games in this franchise have been very well sold. FIFA 18 will certainly be released on multiple platforms, these will be PC, PS4, XBOX One, and it is also rumored that the new EA Sports game could also be launched on the Nintendo Switch platform.

We are FIFA fans, this will bring you the best results in this article. We can say that we will surely give you the best information.

For FIFA 18 we predict that there will be many changes in the gameplay, the graphics already worked a lot, this point will be left for FIFA 19/20. For FIFA 18, EA Sports has to work on referees and possibly on gameplay when it comes to friendly, it would be okay to punish and penalty when a match with a friend ends. (Currently playing season style).

That being said, we start the article, we will give you a brief summary of the above mentioned, if you are lazy to read, this article will be updated on a permanent basis, we will give you the latest information about the new game Of EA Sports.

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