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Super Mario Run Tips & Cheats For Every World

Mario Run tips, cheats, and hacks for Nintendo’s brand new smash hit game. Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first big for ray into the mobile industry and it’s already paying off as Mario Run is breaking tons of ios records.

mario run tips and cheats

The world’s most famous plumber is in for an all new challenge. Think you can help him? We’ve got all the Mario Run tips and cheats to get you through every level. You can also find our complete Mario Run guide and walkthrough here.

Super Mario Run is a brand game in the biggest franchise in gaming history, Super Mario Bros. However, Mario Run doesn’t quite play out like the classic platformer. Instead, Mario Run plays almost like an endless runner game. Mario Run forces Mario to run forward nonstop with you having the ability to jump, jump-spin, smash foes, slide, and wall bounce.

Don’t fret though. This game still plays, looks, and feels much like the originals. You’re still going to stomp down some Goombas, collect coin, and send Bowser to a pit of Lava. Of course, none of this is easy. So, check out our top Mario Run tips and cheats below.

Mario Run Tips & Cheats

1. Before Bowser, Power Up!

mario run tips
Bowser is still a jerk and he’s still after Peach. So it’s up to Mario to put him in his place. Beating Bowser in Marion Run is a call back to the old games.

You’ll find Bowser at his castle, on a bridge over some hot lava. However, before you jump over Bowser for the ax, try and eat a mushroom before you get there. Bowser is very large and hard to jump over as tony Mario.

However, if you are large, you will have an easier time getting over him. You’ll also basically have another go at Bowser as well since if you hit him you will only shrink down.

2. Chain Together Enemy Hits with Spin & Vaults

mario run tips
Coins are huge part of Mario Run and an even larger part of Mario Run’s Toad Rally. You can gain serious coins by chaining together your jumps and special jumps.

For example, try combining your enemy hits with vaults and spins. This will really help you gain tons of gold and toads, who will be very impressed with your moves.

3. Work Your Stall Jumps

mario run tips
You need to learn the art of the stall jumps very early in Mario Run. You can stall jump by swiping your screen to the left when you are in mid-air.

The stall jump will come in handy when Mario is going to fast and you need to hit a target like a platform or a challenge coin.

You can find even more Mario Run tips and cheats by visiting our Mario Run Guide and Walkthrough here.

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